I have found FastStone Image Viewer to be the best and most versatile freeware image viewing program available for Windows,  in addition to viewing images you can also perform basic editing task with it.

You can resize, crop, flip, rotate and apply effects and do many other things with it, and for creating or rather resizing wallpapers it is an excellent tool.

Here’s an example on how we can use this program to resize an image so we can use it as a background for the Windows 7 Login Screen.  First we need an image that we need converting to use as a background,  I used this screen capture from the CG Movie Appleseed Ex Machinima.

Click here for the image.

This image has both wrong resolution (1156×720) and it’s too large (344KB),  I want to use it for my desktop computer which has 1600×1200 resolution so we need to upscale it to fit and resample it to get it under 256KB.

So let’s get started.

We open the image in FastStone in fullscreen mode,  to get image editing option we move the mouse to the left side of the screen to expand the editing options.  there we select Resize/Resample.

Then we get the Resize/Resample window,  we select “Standard” and select the desired resolution in the dropdown box which is 1600×1200 in my case.  I make sure the “Preserve Aspect Ratio” is selected and press ok.

Because the aspect ratio is preserved the image is not expanded to 1600×1200 but rather 1600×1000,  so we need to fix that by going again to the left side of the screen and this time select “Canvas Size”

In the Canvas Size window we select the desired resolution which is 1600×1200 and make sure the middle alignment button is selected to keep the original image in the center.

Now we have an image that is 1600×1200 and all we need is to save it and make sure the file size is smaller than 256KB.

Right click the image and select “Save As”

In the “Save As” dialog press the Options button

In the options dialog we slide the Quality bar until we get a “New File Size” that is less than 256KB.

Then we press ok and save the image, and there we have it.

Here’s the end result.

To exit the image viewer while in full screen you can press the middle mouse button :)

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