While retasking a fairly old Windows 2003 server into a web server I ran into a weird error after installing the IIS6 service.

The errors I got when trying to start the two sites I had configured were :

“The format of the specified network name is invalid”


“The network location cannot be reached.  For Information about network troubleshooting see Windows Help.”

One site was listening on “(All Unassigned)” and the other was listening on a specific IP, resulting in these two different errors.

It was fairly easy to find a solution to this problem, for as it turns out this server had once before been running IIS before it was retasked to the purpose it served before it was my time to retask it ( makes me wonder how old this machine really is )

This was caused by an invalid IP configured in the ListenOnlyList registry entry (an old IP this machine had),  If you run into this you might want to fire up regedit and navigate to


And make sure the ListenOnlyList entry contains valid IP’s. If that is indeed the case for you, then you just restart the web service with.

net stop http /y

net start w3svc

And voila it should work now.  Hope this helps someone out there :)

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