2 months ago I decided to act on an idea that had been floating around in my cranium for a long time.  It sounded simple enough,  gather all the data pertaining to the price of oil in Iceland in one location and present it on a simple front end.  However once I started working on it and the ball was rolling I learned it wasn’t as simple as I thought it would be.  So during these past weeks I have learned a lot about jQuery, Ajax, HTML Scrapers, jpGraph and more.  I even learned a lot about PHP that had escaped me in my past duels with the beast.

The things I found most difficult in this little project of mine wasn’t really the new things I was experimenting with, like the HTML Scraper and jpGraph,  but it was that I wanted the site to be multilingual; Both in Icelandic and English.  To understand why I regard that as the most difficult part you need to know a little about me. Even though I’m Icelandic I tend to think a lot in English, and I use technical words almost exclusively in English and have barely bothered to learn, or rather memorize, the Icelandic variants of them. So when I talk about technical stuff I use a kind of “Englandic“, where I interchange words freely between Icelandic and English to get my point across. So when I began writing the front end, having it in English came most natural to me, from there I’d eventually translate into Icelandic when there was some solid content. So when I was almost done with everything I went about translating it into “clean Icelandic” and it was like I hit a wall. I think it’s been months since I last translated anything more substantial than a simple sentence into Icelandic, so translating everything into Icelandic was a very different kind of intellectual exercise than I’m used to. Thanks to some crowd sourcing on Facebook I got much-needed help in translating some words I had difficulty with,  and my older sister was extremely helpful in proofreading my text and pointing out rather embarrassing grammatical errors.

So,  if you’re interested in taking a look at this little project of mine you can visit http://oil.laxdal.org

Since this Project is almost finished I have decided to add a new category to my website called Projects,  here I will put blog entries about all my little pet projects that I will be doing in my free time.

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